Pinterest Mama

I have never felt very creatively inclined, but I grew up with a mother who loved to craft and have always had a desire to create. Now that I have children of my own, I am eagerly looking for activities to do with them and for them. I have started telling people that I’m becoming a “Pinterest Mama” (or “mom” or “mommy”, depending on what the kids last called me). I occasionally throw in the word “fail”, since I’m still learning. 🙂

For Valentine’s Day, my daughter’s school had a party for the older children. I volunteered to bring in a tic tac toe game, because in my research for heart-day-themed activities (on Pinterest), I came across the heart-shaped board with heart-shaped pieces, and I had just set aside a pair of torn leggings with hearts on them that would work well with this theme.

My suggestion, especially for time-pressed parents, is to read the Pinterest post before embarking on a “fun” project.

I was very proud of myself when, by midnight the night before the party, I had created two tic tac toe boards, using a cardboard box and a printout, and 4 sets of heart-shaped pieces cut from fabric scraps (including those leggings I mentioned) and sewn together somewhat poorly. I laid it out to take a triumphant photo….

…and realized I hadn’t made enough hearts.

Technology was not going to help me at that point in time!

Luckily, I was staying home the next day and was able to complete enough hearts to have two complete tic tac toe board sets, which the kids enjoyed playing with at the party. And now I know that you need 5 of each design to make a complete tic tac toe set!

Lesson learned? I’m not sure yet. Here are some possibilities:

  • Research
  • Give yourself extra time
  • Be willing to “fail” and adjust (I considered just bringing in one board instead of two)
  • Laugh!
  • Keep track of your efforts in case you decide to blog about them later.

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