Happy Diabetic Challenge, day 5

Day 5: Diabetes & Style

Oh dear. I haven’t posted enough for you to know this, but if you know me personally, you know: I’m not one you would talk to about style. But in the spirit, I can tell you anecdotally that I’ve been asked if my pump is a pager. Within the last year. My student employees don’t even know what a pager was.

So yes, it can be tricky to manage diabetes in style. But the options for doing so are pretty cool these days. They have stickers to go on pumps and CGMs. They have bags galore to choose from, keeping me away from the good old fanny pack we used when I was a kid. There are even multiple options on how to wear a pump during sports (special tank top!) or when wearing a dress (belt! thigh belt! bra pocket!). Even the pumps themselves come in multiple colors these days. Honestly, I’m a little surprised they haven’t done more to stylize syringes and insulin pens.

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