Happy Diabetic Challenge, Day 19

Day 19 Diabetes Essentials

Well darn, did I fall behind on this challenge! I’m going to skip all those other important topics and just write about this one today.

My first essential is a fast acting sugar of choice. As you learn to balance carbs, insulin, activities, and the billions of other things that affect blood sugar, you need a reliable source of sugar to use when low. Preferably, this will be something portable that doesn’t go bad quickly or spill easily. Also, it should be something you can eat a specific amount of when you aren’t able to make logical decisions. My treat of choice is Smarties.

My second essential is support. Think about what resources will serve you best for both information and mental health. I learn best by reading, so having printed materials worked well for me at diagnosis. Now, I like to peruse the headlines in various diabetes newsletters to see not only what’s changing in the diabetes landscape but how people are feeling while navigating. And my family has always been an essential support, one I’m very lucky to have. A sister to have an A1C challenge with; another to face pregnancy with; a husband to force feed me sugar when I don’t wake up. These anchors won’t work for (or be available to) everyone, but finding what support is available is essential.

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