When it comes to being a mom of two, I’ve learned that I need lists. For everything. Luckily, technology gives me countless options on creating lists, sharing lists, updating lists, carrying lists with me. But don’t get me wrong: Sometimes, I still need that pen and paper!


Shopping lists keep you on budget.

My husband and I are still working on the budget (maybe I’ll blog about that later), but we use a free app called Cozi (, no affiliate stuff here) to share shopping lists. I created an account with a family password that I shared with him so that we can both see our up-to-date lists as we shop. We have multiple lists, so that we can see where we plan to pick up each item. As we put an item in the basket, we check it off. At home, if we recognize a need to purchase it again, we uncheck it. If we don’t need to buy it again (gift for random party), we delete the item.

I use Google to manage a lot of my life. Qualms about security can be discussed elsewhere (even though cybersecurity is a serious thing that I feel strongly about and try to be actively involved in educating people about). The Google Keep app is very handy for lists and notes. You can even add pictures, color code, pin certain notes to the top, archive, rearrange…and as with most time-saving tools I like, you can access the same information on your phone or your computer, and you can share things with other people (even if they don’t ever look at them).

The reminders, appointments and tasks built into Google Inbox and Calendar help me to schedule … well, everything. I can share my work and personal calendars so that I have an idea of what’s going on in both places. I can schedule family events, parties, museum trips with the kids, and share them with anyone involved. I can use reminders as a way to pop up a notification in my email to go check a website I found. I can check off to do items using Google Tasks, which I can display in both my email and my calendar.

I even have a spreadsheet listing out what items I need to remember to pack when we go out, with different sheets for day trips, weekend trips, beach trips. As I said at the beginning, I need lists for everything!

And technology offers no shortage of lists applications, suited to specific needs or covering multiple needs, crossing devices or being only web or mobile accessible.

Do you use lists? What works for you?

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